The great Jack Nicklaus once said that golf is 80% mental, 10% ability, 10% luck. Yet many golfers disregard the importance of psychology to golf often thinking that seeking advice on this part of the game is an admission that they have some kind of ‘problem’.

However, golf psychology is much more than fixing specific ‘mental problems’ and encompasses a whole range of psycho-behavioural skills which can be used before, during, and after play. Our philosophy at Lancaster Golf Performance Centre is that interventions are tailored specifically to you and what you need to do to improve your game. As such work with our golf psychology coach could include working on areas such as: pre-round preparation, planning course strategies, developing pre and post-shot routines, managing on course performance, imagery and relaxation training, goal setting, and developing practice routines.

And remember…….

‘Golf is a sport played mainly on a 5 and a half inch course…….the space between your ears.’

Bobby Jones.

Golf Psychology

Initial Consultation Plus Report and 30 Minute Follow-up


Initial Consultation, Report, 30 Minute Follow-up and
1 x 1 Hour Golf Psychology Coaching Session


Initial Consultation, Report, 30 Minute Follow-up and
3 x 1 Hour Golf Psychology Coaching Sessions


1 Hour Session


Bespoke ‘Players Package’                                                                                   

For your first session you will be invited for an initial 1.5 hour assessment where we will seek to identify your key strengths and areas for improvement. This will typically involve a question and answer session and some practical element on the short game area/driving range. After this you will receive a written report plus 30 minute follow-up session which will outline your strengths and areas for improvement. Subsequent sessions will then involve working on skills to improve those areas for improvement.

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